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Recruitment means that we conduct an active search for different companies looking for driven candidates with both the right education and relevant work experience.
This approach is successful for a long term relation between our candidates and companies. We offer our candidates coaching and support during the procedures.

Smeets Recruitment works for qualified professionals with a number of relevant years work experience:
- midcareer (medior), about 3 years experience;
- executive (senior), 5 years experience and more.


At Smeets Recruitment, your career path and personal development is the most important for us. We create conditions to follow your own course. This means that we stimulate our candidates, to think about their personal development, chose the right direction and grow as a professional.

Candidates who apply via us, experience the added value; good advice about the vacancy, knowledge of the organization, the culture, the approach and most of all knowledge of the market and understanding of a personal specific situation.



With our candidates we discuss knowledge, competences and ambition. In case you want a new challenge in your career, it is possible to send your cv /resume added with a brief personal motivation (ambition), including your availability (notice term), conditions (salary), contract type (payrolling, rate).

Your information will be kept strictly confidential (see our privacy statement).
In case a suitable position can be offered, we will get in touch with you.

For the actual offer of current positions, you can always get in touch with us. The job offers vary quickly and most of the companies work confidential.

In case you want a next step for your career, you can always send your recent updated resume with your motivation, or you can alwayscontactus.

Ambitious professionals

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