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With more than ten years of experience in search and recruitment, and a strong focus on sales- and account management positions, we know where to find the best candidates.

Besides recruitment campaigns, we source an actual database of candidates, all with an interesting profile. We also focus on scouting candidates and discussing opportunities with them.


Thanks to our knowledge of the markets and our marketing of recruitment business, we know how and where to look for the best candidates. We know how to approach potential employees in an effective and efficient manner and connect to your company.

Questions like where and how can I find the best candidate for a position, do I have the right candidate indeed, am I doing the best as possible for our organization; how, where and when do I profile the best as being an employer.


Employer branding

We know how to develop a strong employer brand, are well informed about the current market and know everything about communication channels and how to put it in action. In brief, we know exactly how to approach future personnel, with tactical possibilities and tools that recruitment marketing has.

Important is how to develop a strong employer brand, know what potential employees is driving and how to approach them the best way. Besides that we are well informed about the different channels that are currently available.

In case you are curious if we can help you finding the best people for your company, please feel free to get in touch and contact us, so you will receive more information where you can count on.

Recruitment expertise

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