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Smeets Recruitment is specialized in the approach and selection of qualified personnel for companies in business to business, information and communication branch (ict) and banking/insurance (finance). Our company is specialized in the area of recruitment for commercial positions. Many years of experience, reference, knowledge and commercial activities have led to an interesting track record. In general, thanks to recruitment both organizations and candidates made a step forward.

We focus on professionals with a few years of relevant work experience in the branch, available for various specialized and/or managerial positions.

Search & selection

Smeets Recruitment supports and assists organizations with contracting and hiring of the best people available. Intensive cooperation between employers and employed, and us, is of importance. This cooperation comprises the full process of approaching, selecting and contracting (hiring) suitable candidates, for a (fixed) position or temporary (interim) project, in line with strategy and targets of the company involved.

A solid selection process is of strategic importance, to keep up with competitive advantage, because talents working with the company are distinguishing, and have a direct impact on the company results.

After a detailed analysis of the application, we start a solid recruitment procedure. The result is a candidate that has the right qualifications, fits within the organization and the ambition to have success. You will get a sales manager, project manager, business consultant, senior buyer or any other professional who helps you forward in your business.


Executive search

Over the years we have built good relations with companies in telecom, utilities, banking and facility management sector.
Besides a track record of experience with our clients, we also have established an extensive network in these sectors.

We do not look for just a candidate, but only for the best candidate.

We will take the time to study your organization and establish a strong commitment with you, to get to the best results.

Besides that, we also will pay enough attention to personality and motivation of a candidate.
We will always stand for quality and unconditional guaranty for the best candidate.

We will be pleased to provide you with more information on our services.
For more details you can contact one of our consultants.

Recruitment specialists

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